Covering the pin-type insulators and the
connecting cable-sections in order to
protect birds from electrocution.

  • High level of protection and cost effective solution.
  • Flexible, compatible modular system.
  • Simple installation, in most cases no tools are required.
  • The area to be protected (where necessary) is fully covered.
  • The system prevents smaller birds from nesting.
  • UV (sunrays) and acid (bird dropping) resistant.
  • Extremely wide operating and installation temperature range (-30°C – +40°C).
  • The structure introduces only negligible increase in wind-resistance.
  • The basic type is suitable for more than 90% of insulations in the 20-24 kV transmission lines used in Europe without reducing the quality of the network (for example, it does not cause a short-circuit in the path of creeping current.)
  • A single type of cover is suitable for a wide range of specific insulations used by power distributors in various countries.
  • Long lifetime (minimum 30 years).
  • If required, custom-made covers are available for special pin insulators.
  • Elongation is possible via modular extension pieces MBRN-VB (this means longer safe distance).


  • Preformed insulator tie systems.
Raw material

The raw material of this product family is PVC. The suitability of this material – thanks to its extremely favorable specifications – for manufacturing this product is well-established.

In order to reinforce this statement, we ordered the testing of a few important specifications, which, we believe, are essential in this case:

  • 5000 hrs UV aging test,
  • acid resistance test (first of all in case of uric acid),
  • electric resistance test.

The raw material of the above product family passed the above tests and satisfied relevant Hungarian and European standards.