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The MMK-1 bird rest which can be placed on top of utility poles, horizontal pole switches, and cross arms of medium voltage networks, provides safe rest stop for birds. Because of the adequate distances the feces of the birds seating on them will not damage the electrical components. We design the form and the size of the bird rest based on opinions of bird protection experts and power distributor professionals.

The form, size and surface quality of the landing area are designed to provide proper rest stop for preferably all birds in Hungary that can potentially be a hazard. Therefore the diameter of the horizontal rest stop is 70-100 mm which provides suitable grip for birds, from falconsized to stork-sized.

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Material of the clamping part (vice)

50 mm galvanized “T” profile

Clamping range

0-150 mm

Tightening torque

18 Nm

Material of the bar

Fiberglass reinforced polyester with weather, UV and wear resistant coat, the same material as used in ship building

Vertical positioning measured from the clamping point

1200 mm

Horizontal protrusion measured from the clamping point

900 mm

Load capacity

20 kg


5 kg

Wind resistance



> 25 years


The MMK bird rest can be mounted on both voltage-free and live networks. The bird rest can be mounted to its proper place by the means of M16 bolts supplied with live-line eyes.